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statistiXL Features

Integrated Help

statistiXL provides two elements to assist in your understanding of statistics and use of statistiXL. The first of these is a full featured Help File and the second is a unique feature called Quick Help which provides assistance while working with statistiXL.

Help File

The statistiXL Help File includes a referenced overview of all of the statistical methods supported by statistiXL along with a glossary and reference list. The file also includes worked examples of every test included with statistiXL and even contains embedded spreadsheets containing the datasets used in the examples which you can open in Excel and use to follow through the examples.

Quick Help

Quick Help is the name for the sidebar of information that can be optionally be displayed when working in a statistiXL module. The image below shows the initial view of Quick Help seen when working in the Full Factorial ANOVA module.


Quick Help initially presents an overview of the test performed by the current module and details on how to lay out your data for the analysis. Quick Help also provides information on each control within the module, explaining its function and how to use it. In the Options dialog for statistiXL you can turn on automatic scrolling for Quick Help so that the information displayed automatically moves to the correct section for the control you have currently selected. The image below shows the Quick Help displayed when you click on the Scree Plot control in the Factor Analysis module with Quick Help auto-scrolling enabled.

In addition to enabling and disabling scrolling for Quick Help you can hide the help altogether but using the arrow button next to the Help button in each module.