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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version of statistiXL?

26 September 2014

by Alan Roberts

The latest version of statistiXL is always available as a free download from the downloads section of our website here. This is the fully functional version of statistiXL and includes all statistical modules, help files and example files. On install statistiXL will run for 30 days as a free trial, after which, if you want to keep using it, you will need to purchase a license key. (note: there is no need to re-install statistiXL if you decide to purchase a license after using the trial, you simply need to enter the purchased key into the registration screen of your existing installation).

We would encourage all users of statistiXL to participate in our Community area where you can post comments on statistiXL, request additional features for future versions, file bug reports, and read about the experiences of other users.

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