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  • is there any way to allow macros? or other ways where i can perform a series of computations at a click of a button just like how a macro will work?
  • thanks for the help. anyway was wondering, at what percentage level is the goodness of fit tests conducted? 90%? 95%? also does the program allows the user to record a macro to perform a whole series of computations with the funcitons provided? …
  • yes i understand.. but this is the dataset i'm given so i don't hv a choice to changing its values to make them more evenly distributed. unless my method of generating the bin and frequency is wrong, otherwise i tink tis is the best i can achieve.…
  • sorry, i'm facing the similar problem again.. "An error has occurred with the analysis. Pls make sure that the dataset meets the requirements specified in the help file." my input data are as follows: Bin Frequency -11000 0 -10800 1 -1819.52377 …
  • hi, kindly correct me if i'm wrong. from my understanding, goodness of fit tests come in after i plot a curve with my input values. say i plot a CDF curve with my inputs, it gives a 'S' shaped curve, x-axis in Log scale. now when i wan to apply g…
  • hi, thanks for your info abt the materials i can refer to... anyway just wondering if u happen to know anything abt extreme value theory? if yes, any suggestions of softwares or excel add ons to generate the tail end data of the probability distr…
  • i got the error of 'Your lower and upper category should have zero observations. Pls consult the Help file to structure your data.' I placed the data for 'bin' in Col A and those of 'Frequency' in Col B. Then i choose Normal Distribution from the …
  • hi thanks for providing the link for the new program. however, i'm still having the same problem. is there something wrong with my dataset? or where could the error lie?