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  • Yes, I saw that and it was quite helpful. Thanks for your attention, too.
  • Thanks a lot, Phil. That seemed to do the trick. I had to change around my labelling a bit, but I shouldn't have lost any rigor from it. Any idea as to what I could do if I wanted to see how the species totals of one insect varied with those of an…
    in Anova Comment by James March 2005
  • Hello Alan, Thanks for your reply. The design of my experiment I have detailed here. I'm really not good with the terminology, however I think what it is is that I have two standard factors (infested vs. uninfested), and then nested within them …
  • Hmmm.... Well, I posted a question relevant to my problem in the software part of the forum, but since there's a general statistics part, I think I'll explain my experiment a little more, and hope for some direction. My design is a 2-factor (I thi…
    in Anova Comment by James March 2005
  • Okay, I'll try my best not to make this a question for a statistics tutorial, but I might not succeed.... Anyway, I have a 2-factor (I think) nested design, and I can't find the option in the software to perform this, even though it's described in …