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  • Dear Phil, Thank you for your reply. I completely comprehend both Alan's previous post, and yours as well. But I was actually referring to something a bit different - I should have been more operationally specific: The standard deviation of eac…
  • Dear Alan, Thank you for the correction! I have a related question concerning the "standardise to S.D. = 1" option, which the help menu instructs not to use. Clearly, it scales each set of principal component scores by its own standard deviation…
  • Dear Alan, Thank you for your quick reply! I feel quite sheepish now for the original post - I knew that it was something quite simple. The reason that it did not occur to me to divide each original variable value by its standard deviation is th…
  • On a slightly separate but related issue: After computing the principal component scores for my 6-D data set by hand, and finding no numerical match to the outputted scores, I went ahead and plotted the leading pair of scores and found that the "b…