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  • Great link, thanks Lance
  • Hi There a 2 main ways to handle missing values, 1) exclude any cases with missing values from the analysis, and 2) replace missing values with the mean for the variable. Both of these have obvious drawbacks. Obviously going down route 1 reduces…
  • Just to let users know that statistiXL won't be affected by this bug as 1) it doesn't use Excel to perform calculations and 2) it doesn't display results as calculations, simply as values (which display correctly). Cheers Alan
  • John You do not seem to be receiving my emails re this issue. Can you check any spam/junk email filters you have in place to ensure they are not misclassifying my emails. Best Regards Alan
  • Hi john, Did you get my email about this yesterday? If not, please try the following 1) Uninstall statistiXL using the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet. (Ensure that Excel isn’t open when you do this) 2) Reboot your PC. 3)Downloa…
  • Hi Richard I have looked in to this and the reason we chose to omit the correlations with the Discriminant functions was following the recommendations of Rencher AC (2002) "Methods of Multivariate Analysis". Rencher claims that the correlations yo…
  • Thanks for the suggestion Richard, we'll look in to it for you. Alan
  • Hi Mike I've just replied to the email you sent regarding this same query so I'm waiting to here back from you. Best Regards Alan
  • Good point, consider it done! Cheers Alan
  • Hi Albert I think you will find that your initial math will work if you applied the PCA to the covariance matrix. When using a correlation matrix, however, in addition to standardising the raw variables to their mean you should also standardise t…
  • The beta version is almost ready to roll (we're just updating the help file). If you want to try it without an updated help file then you can download it from Cheers Alan
  • Hi Alex The Output Range box on all statistiXL forms is used to specify where you want the results placed. Results will be displayed with the Top-Left corner at the location specified as the Output Range (so all the results will be below and to t…
  • Hi Michael The error message you mention is the generic message that statistiXL presents when its calculations cause an error that it doesn't know how to deal with. We constantly update the list of errors that statistiXL knows about so that it ca…
  • This is now fixed in statistiXL 1.7 beta which will be released publicly soon. If you want an early copy drop me an email. Cheers Alan
  • Just a quick update, we are close to having a beta available with support for Office 2007 (and Vista). Anyone interested at trying it out please email me with you details (click the email button below). Cheers Alan
  • I can confirm that this is a bug. The bug lies in the routine for calculating the P value for the Raleigh's Test. Under some circumstances, this routine can enter an endless loop causing the hanging you experience. We will release a fix for this…
  • Most of the major bugs in the new Office charting system look to have been cleaned up in the release version of Office 2007 though there are still a few discrepencies (eg the code used by statistiXL for displaying Factor Labels on scatterplots in F…
  • Not yet . I'm hoping to get my hands on an RTM copy to look at before the end of the week. Cheers Alan
  • Hi, Sorry for the misunderstanding (Discrim Analysis can also be used to classify cases for which group membership is unknown, based on an analysis of samples where membership is known). If you are dealing with Hierarchical Clustering and the den…
  • Are you refering to Discriminant Analysis? If so, statistiXL will include a list of cases and their assigned groups as part of the output. Cheers Alan
  • Good news Lance, I'm glad things seem to be working now. Cheers Alan
  • Hi Lance I know some of Excel's stats routines are a bit buggy which is why we use our own code with statistiXL rather taking a legup from the built in stuff. I wasn't aware of an issue with STDEV though. Do you have an example list that shows t…
  • Thanks for the input Lance! We will definately add this to our wish list. Cheers Alan
  • Hi Lance How does the hierarchical regression you mention differ from a standard forward stepwise regression (as is in statistiXL)? Thanks for the input Alan
  • Hi Noam This is not currently supported in statistiXL Best Regards Alan
  • We will look in to this. In the meantime the help file is available as a separate download from our downloads section. You can download and browse this any time - no license required. Cheers Alan
  • Thanks for the input Lance. We are starting to plan the next version of statistiXL now so your ideas are very welcome. Alan Roberts statistiXL
  • Hi Try taking a look at the reference list in the statistiXL help file. Zar offeres a very good general introduction to many tests. Cheers Alan
  • Hi statistiXL is not currently supported under Excel 2007. There are a number of bugs with Excel 2007 that currently prevent statistiXL from running. These have been logged with the Microsoft Beta site and should be resolved before Excel 2007 is…
  • Try having a look at the Data Structure and Analysis section of the statistiXL help file (under introduction). It contains a brief intro to statistics and a very elementary guide to various possible strategies for analysis of data. Cheers Alan