Correlation Error


I'm trying to use an evaluation version of statistiXL. When I try to use the correlation module, using the supplied example "correlation.xls", using simple correlation, following the example in the help file, I get:

"An error has occured with the analysis. Please make sure that your dataset meets the requirements specified in the help file."

The same error occurs with my own datasets. Basic other functionality of statistiXL seems to work. I'm using WinXP and Excel 2000. Any suggestions?


  • Hi Tomdp

    Can you please tell me what language version / regional settings you are using of Windows and Excel? A limitation in one of the inbuilt Windows functions causes an error in Countries that don't use a period as a decimal point (eg if you use a coma as in 1,234 rather than 1.234). A workaround for this limitation has been put in place in version 1.4 of statistiXL which we hope to release before the end of the year. Could this be relevant in your case? If so, and you would like to try a pre-release version of statistiXL 1.4, please let me know.


  • Great! I use a comma indeed (I live in Belgium). Switching regional settings to US fixed the problem. Thanks a lot. If your 1.4 version is stable enough to run for some time I'll be happy to test it.

  • The pre-release version should be stable, the help file will just be a little out of date and all of the intended new features haven't been implemented yet. You can get it at the following link - sxl14alpha.exe


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