Accessing statistiXL from VBA in Excel?

Can statistiXL be programmatically accessed from VBA in Excel? If so is there documentation on the API?

If it matters we need to do stepwise regression with confidence intervals process the output and send it to another package.


  • This isn't a feature that we support in statistiXL but if you are OK with object orientated programming in VBA then you shouldn't have too much trouble working it out. Simply start a new VBA solution and add references to sxlmain.dll and whatever other statistiXL DLLs you think you might need (eg SXLLRegression.DLL in your case for Linear Regression) all of which are located in the folder in which you installed statistiXL. These contain the proceedures that you will need to use to call the regression routine. If you then open the object browser within Excel you will see the methods within the SXLLRegression dll that you need to call. Basically you will need to instantiate and object of the type clsLRegression and then set the appropriate properties. Finally call the "results" method to run the analysis.


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