Correlation Results


I was going through the 'Features' section of the website and noticed that for the Correlation function provided, it only reflects the Pearson's Correlation Results.

I was wondering if the program is able to return the intermediate results as well? Meaning, say I have a 8 by 7 matrix, if I were to use Multiple correlation, is it possible to reflect that the value of correlation of each corresponding combination in the matrix?


  • Hi

    I'm not sure what you're asking here. Multiple correlation determines the correlation between each of a set of dependent variables and a group of independent variables. If you have 2 dependent variables (Y1 and Y2) and 3 independent variables (Y3, Y4 and Y5) then multiple correlation will determine the correlation between Y1 and the independent vars (Y3-Y5) and between Y2 and the independent vars (Y3-Y5) so you will end up with 2 correlation coefficients.

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  • P.S. a look through the samples in the helpf file included with statistiXL will show the output generated by statistiXL for Bivariate, Multivariate, Partial, Multiple and Canonical Correlations.


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