Discriminant analysis

The help files for discriminant analysis mention the discriminant function loadings (aka structure coefficients). I can't see them in my output.


  • Hi Richard

    The Discriminant Function Loadings should be provided immediately after the Wilks' Lambda Table. The table will be labelled Unstandardised Discriminant Function Coefficients or Standardised Discriminant Function Coefficients. If they are not there can you please send me a sample of the spreadsheet with the output that you are getting on it (and if possible the dataset that you are analysing).

    As an aside, there will be a new version of statistiXL out in the next couple of days with an improved Discriminant module. It provides tests for colinearity of variable through a measure of tolerance, allowing the analysis to either be terminated if the tolerance of a variable is too low, or for the offending variable(s) to be automatically excluded from the analysis.

    Alan Roberts
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