PCA & Discriminant analysis error


I have a data set that produces an error indicating there is something wrong with my data set. I also find an odd error message saying that the correct form could not be loaded.

Having done a bit of Excel VBA programming, I can appreciate getting odd errors out. Is there a way I could send you the data set and let you see if it runs on your machine?




  • Hi Eric

    Not a problem. Send it to support@statistixl.com and I will have a look at it for you when I return from my trip (in 2 days).

  • Hi Eric

    It turns out that the problem was due to the number of variables that you were using. Variables should be linearly independent in Discriminant Analysis and the maximum number should be no more than the number of cases - the number of groups.

    To aid in controlling for these sorts of errors we have now added a new Tolerance Tab to the Discriminant Analysis Dialogs (Version 1.1 Beta build 144 on). This tab allows you to trap for excessive colinearity between variables and either abort an analysis gracefully when it is detected or to automatically exclude vaiables with a low tolerance (high colinearity) from the analysis.

    Alan Roberts
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