trial version

This morning I dowloaded the trial version software to check my interest on it.
I cannot work on it because when I try to make any "run" the message is " An error has occurred with the analisys..................."
I tried to change data but nothing
Using Sample file data everithing is OK

some body can help me!!!!!!!! ohmy.gif


  • Hi

    I'm not sure exactly what your problem is. Are you saying that you can run tests using the sample data but not your own data? If so, can you please email me one of the datasets that you are having problems with and screen shots of the exact settings you are entering in to statistiXL? Please send this info to If I have misunderstood your problem then please send me more details.


  • Hi Robertovi

    I have looked at your data and the reason the analysis fails is that you have too few residual degrees of freedom. Basically you have too many repeats and not enough cases. I have adjusted statistiXL so that in the next version it will catch this error and report the problem rather than just presenting a generic error message.

    Best Regards

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