Cluster analysis error msgs

Hi.. I'm trying StatistiXL on a trial basis.. (looks very good so far for the low price)

I tried running cluster analysis on some data I'd performed factor analysis on earlier. Got the error msg:
'Your quantitative data is invalid. Columns marked as QUANT should only contain numbers. Text or blank cells are not permitted'. There are no blank cells in the data and the only text is in row 1 - the labels for the variables. (I'd also checked that I'd checked the 'Labels in First Col?' box)

Then I tried running it without row 1. This time I got the msg 'An error has occured with the analysis. Please make sure that your dataset meets the requirements specified in the help file.'

The data consists of 8 variables with 7-point likert scales. There are 14 cases.

Could you advise..



  • Hi

    For cluster analysis only Column 1 should contain labels (not row 1) and these will be the case labels (not variable labels). If you don't have case labels then keep the "Lables in First Colum" option unchecked and just select the dataset with no labels. If you are still having problems then send a copy of your dataset (and if possible a screenshot of the settings you are using when trying to run the analysis) and I will have a look at it for you.


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