Partial Correlations

I am attempting to use partial correlations. The results are providing me with the incorrect mean, standard Deviation, and so on.

Have a look at the example in the help section for Partial Correlations. In the example outputs, the mean for the "Required grade" is calculated to be 84.200. However, no datapoint in the "Required Grade" column is greater than 4. It looks like the mean for "required grade" is being calculated using the "general" column, which to me seems WRONG. mad.gif

What's up with these calculations? The errors with the calculations for the mean lead me to believe that the Partial correlations are being calculated incorrectly also.


  • Hello tempuser

    Thank you for your input. You are correct, statistiXL is incorrectly displaying the descriptive statistics for Set 2 (X) rather than Set 1 (Y) when running a partial or multiple correlation (while labeling them as the Set 1 descriptives). This is a glitch in the output code and does not affect the underlying calculations so the results displayed for the correlations themselves are correct. I have corrected this bug and you can download an updated version of statistiXL from here. Please note that this is a development build and the Help File hasn't been updated to reflect the change yet. We hope to have the official release of Version 1.6 which will contain this fix out within the next few weeks.

    Best Regards

  • Thank you for looking into the problem with the partial correlations.

    Unfortunatly, I am unable to access the fix that you posted.... It appears that it is a bad gateway.
  • Hello tempuser. The link appears to be working now, can you please try again?

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