Automatic recalculation slows StatistiXL

When used in a reasonably complex workbook the excellent StatistiXL v. 1.5 is very slow (although very fast on simple workbooks). Turning off the automatic recalculation ( Tools | Options | Calculation on Excel 2000] gets StatistiXL back up to speed. Is there a work round so that I do not have to manually turn off calculations and then turn them back on again when I've run the statistics?


  • Hi

    This is not an issue I have come across before. statistiXL does not manipulate the spreadsheet other than to output the results so it should not be causing recalculation events to fire. Can you please provide me with some details on your system eg OS, memory, cpu, patching level etc? Can you also let me know if you have applied the latest microsoft patches to Excel? Also, if possible please send me examples of 'simple' and 'complex' spreadsheets so that I can test your findings on a test system. Please email this info to


    Alan Roberts
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