Excel Crashes after clustering

I just downloaded and installed the statistiXL trial version on my laptop running Windows XP and Excel 2002. I've attempted to run the Clustering function twice now. Both times it runs successfully but as soon as I attempt to save the output Excel crashes and tries to recover/repair the files. One file comes up repaired with the clustering output but without any of the formating and the dendogram has letter characters in place of the lines. The original file is recovered, but again without any of the formatting. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution?


  • I have not heard of this error before? Is it only when working with a specific workbook or with different books? Does it happen for all analyses or just clustering? If you can send me a sample dataset I will see if I can reproduce the issue.


  • Ok, that's odd...it's not doing it anymore. I've tried it on several workbooks now with several different tests and it's working fine. If it does it again, I'll document it here and send you the sample dataset. Thanks for the help.
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