statistiXL 1.4 Released

statistiXL Version 1.4 is now available for download and is a free upgrade for all users of statistiXL. Changes since Version 1.3 include:

New Features
  • A new module has been added to Descriptive Statistics, to perform Frequency Distribution analyses. Both nominal (catagorical) data and numeric data can be analysed for frequency distribution, and the results plotted as a frequency histogram.
  • The output range is now optional for all tests. If the output range is left blank, then the results are placed in a new worksheet that is inserted at the end of the current worksheets. Output can also be placed on a worksheet other than that containing the data.
  • A Most Recently Used Tests list has been added to the top of the statistiXL menu. After a test is used, it is added to this list to make it quicker to access this test again. Up to nine items can be added to the list.
  • Single-factor ANOVA can now be performed on data arranged in columns, with each column representing a separate factor, in addition to the traditional format.
  • Select All and Clear All buttons have been added to the Linear and Circular Descriptive Statistics Tab.
  • An option has been added to the Options dialog to specify whether the Help File is always on top of Excel, even when Excel is in use.
  • A PCA analysis is no longer limited to 32000 datapoints.
  • A splash screen has been added to show what version of statistiXL is in use and who it is licensed to. An option as been added to the Options dialog to disable this screen.
Bug Fixes
  • Cluster and correlation analyses no longer fail in geographic regions using "," instead of "." to specify the decimal point in data values.
  • Issues with statistiXL failing to load automatically in some non US-English versions of Excel/Windows have been resolved.
  • The limit of 1000 values for Fisher's Exact Test (Contingency Tables) has been removed.
  • The HELP file has been corrected to properly describe the ranges for Goodness of Fit - Normal Distribution Bin Data, and has had a number of other updates.
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