Macintosh support

It would be nice if statistiXL was supported on all platforms MS Excel is, i.e. Macintosh as well. There still are a few of us who prefer the Macintosh plug-and-play to the Windows plug-and-pray. I don't know how cross-platform compatibility for Excel add-ons is, but perhaps it is as easy as designing an installer that works with Macintosh as well, e.g. with Installer VISE from MindVision Software. If not it could be a good idea to at least state clearly which platforms statistiXL is and is not supported on.


  • Hi Magnus

    Unfortunately, statistiXL cannot currently be supported on the Macintosh. The problem isn't the addin iteself but the rest of the code. Addins are quite slow so the majority of statistiXL exists as a series of compiled DLLs that actually do all of the number crunching. These are much faster than if the code was written directly as an addin. These DLLs are not supported under the Macintosh OS (unless you want to run Windows on an application like Virtual PC). Microsoft's .NET framework may provide a solution in the long term. If this is ported to the Macintosh platform (as is currently being undertaken for Linux via the Mono program) then it may be possible for a port of statistiXL to be created in the future.


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