VBA Error?

When attempting to select the principal components analysis function, I get an "Argument not optional" error. I am running windows xp and excel 2000.


  • Hi Andy

    Is the error when you open the PC option or when you click OK to run the analysis?

    If the latter, can you please send a copy of a dataset that has the issues, a screen shot of the PCA Dialog with your settings entered and a screenshot of the error message to support@statistixl.com. There should also be a file called statistixl.log in the folder that statistixl was installed into (c:\program files\statistixl by default). Can you please send this log file as well and I will have a look at the problem for you.

    If it is the former, do the other menu options work OK? Is it only the PCA option that has problems? Is it an English version (US or International) of Excel that you are using?


  • Hi Alan

    The problem occurs when I just select PCA from the menu - I don't actually get as far as the PCA dialog, so I'm pretty sure its not the dataset (I was just going to use the example PCA file initially to get a feel for it). I am running an English UK version of XP / Excel.

    All the other functions seem to work OK, it's just the PCA. I'll send the log file to the support email address
  • Hi Andy

    Please try the following version of the statistiXL.xla file

    statistiXL.xla zip file

    Unzip the file and copy it into the folder that statistiXL is installed in. You may want to rename the existing file first (eg to statistiXL.old) so that you can later revert to it. The new version simply pops up a few messages when you try to launch the PCA module. Please note down the messages that you receive and send them to me as they will let me work out where exactly you are experiencing problems.


  • Alan

    That new file doesn't make any difference. Simply selecting PCA from the drop down pops up a dialog that says 'argument is not optional', it doesn't get any further than that.

    I think what may be happening is that some other add-ins that i use may be conflicting with your program so I'm going to try it on a 'clean' version of Excel without any other addins loaded.
  • Success! Removing a different add-in of somewhat dubious origin lets me access the PCA stuff. StatisticXL and 'SimTools' don't seem to get on side-by-side!!
  • Great news! I'm glad that it's working now. Let me know if you have any more issues.

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