EXCEL in spanish

Hi there,

I downloaded the trial version of statistixl and haven't been able to get it to recognise my data set.

I have been through the help guide (which is the best of its kind I have ever seen) and also checked previous posts in these forums and I think my data base is ok.

I would like to do a one-way ANOVA on some simple survey data. Null hypothesis, there is no difference in community perception of identified threats to a creek.

I have the categories in the top row and the data in adjacent colums. I think my problem might be that I run excel and my OS in spanish, so when I click and drag over data I get


instead of


I have tried manually typing the corresponding english instruction but no joy! I always get a message that my y range is invalid.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Mat

    It shouldn't be a language issue as we have a lot of users in Spanish speaking (and other non-English) countries. Do the test datasets included with the help file work (you can click on the links within the help file itself to open the sample sheets)?


  • hi alan,

    thanks for your reply. example sheets were fine and my data worked when cut and pasted into egs.

    the only diff i could spot was my rows and columns were numbered, eg sheets have alphaic columns.



    ps. i apologise for the poor grammar, having keyboard troubles.
  • Yes it looks like some of the tests in statistiXL don't like R1C1 notation. This isn't an issue I was aware of so I will add this to out to-do list!

    Thanks for the feedback

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