Couldn't get plots

Hi! I downl.loaded a trial version yesterday, and am trying to do a Factor Analysis. I'm getting all the chart data back, but no plots. I checked the correct buttons under the plot tab (as shown in the example), but I can't find the plots anywhere when the analysis is returned. Can you help?


  • That's a bit of an odd one! I take it that you aren't getting any error messages raised? If you run through the example included with statistiXL (rather than using your own dataset) do the plots appear? Is there a statistixl.log or statistixl.txt file in the program folder where you installed statistiXL (typically c:\program files\statistixl)? If so could you please email it to me at
  • Alan--

    Thanks for the offer. I was going to send you the information you requested, but then I decided to print out the charts to look at. Five blank pages after the spitting out the charts, the printer printed the graphs. I guess they were buried somewhere on the results page and I just didn't see them.

    Anyway, I was able to see what the plots looked like. Thanks for offering to help!
  • The plots should appear to the top right of any printed output. i.e. you will get the normal text based output and then level with the top of that and off to the right should be the plots.
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