Any Suggestions?

this is my first post, so I apologize for any confusion that I may cause and I appreciate any help from the forum.. Anyway, here goes:

My data-set consists of multiple beach profiles collected over a three year period. Beginning with "Time 01", I measured the elevation of a series of points along a line. The elevations decrease as the line extends from the beach into the water. For example:

pnt 1 elevation = 90 m
pnt 2 elevation = 80 m
pnt 3 elevation = 70 m
and so on....

I then revisited these same lines in "Time 02 and 03". As mentioned above, the elevations decreased the further the profile extended into the water.

I am now trying to determine which test would be the best to use to see if there was any significant change between the time 01 and time 03 data sets. I have been able to determine the average slope for the profiles, but am unsure as to which statistical test would be most appropriate?

Does anyone have a suggestion?

All comments are appreciated.

John D.


  • Repeated measures ANOVA? Each set of beach data is one level of a larger variable called time. Each elevation could be analogous to one subject.

    Alternatively, if you have enough "slopes" could you not treat that as a data set and examine change over time?

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