Unable to load objects

Dear Support,

I have just run ccleaner on my notebook and now my statistiXL doesn't work properly. I tried to uninstall, reboot and re-install StatistiXL but it doesn't work. Whenever I need to use StatistiXL, an error with the following message keeps popping up "Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine."

Currently I have disabled the add-in. If I try to activate StatistiXL, the same message above will keep popping up and Excel will advice to disable the add-in.

My notebook is running on Vista Home Premium and I'm using Office 2007.

Please advice how to rectify the problem, thanks.

Hai Liang


  • Hi Hai Liang

    It looks like CCleaner has removed a file or registry entry that statistiXL needs to run. Without seeing your machine it is hard to know exactly what it might be. It would probably be worth reinstalling (or repairing) Microsoft Office to see if that helps. You can usually run a repair from the Add/Remove Control Panel applet. I would uninstall statistiXL first, run the reinstall or repair of Office and then reinstall statistiXL.


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