Office 2007 and version 1.8 install issues

Hi all
I am having some trouble with Office 2007 compatibility & any version of StatistiXL.
On one machine it works only when you run as administrator, other it throws up errors to do with MLauncher.
I have tried setting permissions on related folder to all users,a usual windows XP trick, but still this occurs.

When testing on another XP/Office 2007 install, it came up with "Microsoft forms" not available errors.
I installed as many excel add-ins listed and alot of the errrors disappeared, but still StatistiXL refuses to works.
I must add that all worked fine in Office 2003 edition, before upgrading.
I have also tried attempted reinstalls of Office & StatistiXL, is there some crucial Excel requirement?


  • statistiXL should work with no special permissions once installed (admin rights are needed for the install). Have you tried the latest build from the web site downloads section? Have you configured statistiXL to run automatically as an Add-In or are you opening it manually after opening Excel?


  • I configured statistiXL as an Add-In and with opening it manually after opening Excel.
    When Excel run as administrator all fine, other the errors appear.
    I have added user to admin group, changed permissions etc, and at time of your reply used the lastest version of statistixl.
    Any other suggestions?
  • Hi. Does this problem happen on multiple machines or just on one? If you like we can arrange a time for me to connect remotely to the box and have a look (as long as it has Internet access)? Email me if you want to set this up.

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