discriminent analysis


I am in the trial process of StatistiXL.

Why can't I use your help function create your discriminant scores.
In example 1 in your help file, I use -0.570 Y1 + 0.636 Y2, with y1 and y2 as the variables in yield point and ultimate strength, but get numbers totally different from your scores.

I need to know how to construct the functions to plug in my values to get the discriminant scores.

Thanks for your help. I think you have a great product.



  • Hi,

    After reviewing some of the old messages under General Statistics, I came across you reply to Mercedes, re PCA. I actually only subtracted the global mean and managed to get your discriminant scores.

    I had to calculate the global mean, as opposed to per group mean, by using Excel's function. It would be nice if you could include the global mean in your descriptive statistics.

    Thanks again.

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