Statistixl will not work

I bought statistixl and I get the following when I try to use it in an excel sheet.
statstiXL is unable to load the requested form. Please check your installation to make sure that all files are present. Press the help button for more information.
Anyone know how to correct this.


  • Sorry, but I posted this 2 times and do not know how to delete the first one with S left off the topic
  • Hi john,

    Did you get my email about this yesterday? If not, please try the following

    1) Uninstall statistiXL using the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet. (Ensure that Excel isn’t open when you do this)
    2) Reboot your PC.
    3)Download our latest build of statistiXL from
    4)Install this new build of statistiXL , selecting the option to have statistiXL automatically start with Excel.
    5)On completion of the installation, launch Excel and see if the statistiXL menu appears

    Please let me know how you get on.
  • Alan,

    Thanks for your response. I did not receive your email.

    I did everything that on the preceding post, but I still get the same error message that it will not load requested form.

    What do I need to do now????

  • John
    You do not seem to be receiving my emails re this issue. Can you check any spam/junk email filters you have in place to ensure they are not misclassifying my emails.

    Best Regards

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