StatistiXL won't load

I've been using it with no problems for the past couple years but I've recently run in to some problems that is preventing me from using StatistiXL. Whenever I try to open a statistical test from the dropdown menu, I keep getting a StastiXL Form Load Error that says:

statstiXL is unable to load the requested form. Please check your installation to make sure that all files are present. Press the help button for more information.

When I press the help button it takes me to a generic MS Office help page that doesn't have any relevant info. This happens regardless of the statistical test I use.

On another computer, when I open Excel, StatistiXL doesn't load (even though I set it to autoload at startup). When I then manually open StatistiXL, I get a message stating that:
StatstiXL is unable to load.
Oddly, it does add StatistiXL to the "addin" tab but the StatistiXL drop down list (in the add-ins) only populates with the Analysis of Variance Test but even this doesn't load.

I'm not positive but I'm pretty certain I've worked with Excel / StatistiXL since upgrading to 1.7 / Excel 2007....I don't use it all that often though so I'm not certain. I don't believe I changed anything. In fact, I've reduced my security settings to allow all macros to run and I've added the statistiXL folder to my trusted sources. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times on 2 different computers with no luck. On one computer, after I receive the error, Does anyone have any idea why this could happen.

Just in case you need it, the two setups I've tried on are:
Windows XP + MS Office 2007
Windows Vista (running through Apple Parallels) + MS Office 2007


  • Hi Mike

    I've just replied to the email you sent regarding this same query so I'm waiting to here back from you.

    Best Regards

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