over writing data

I am new to the Programme
I find that the analysis ( eg PCA) wants to overwrite the data set

How can I prevent this and send to a different worksheet for instance
also cant delete this

some help please



  • Hi Alex

    The Output Range box on all statistiXL forms is used to specify where you want the results placed. Results will be displayed with the Top-Left corner at the location specified as the Output Range (so all the results will be below and to the right of this point). To avoid overwriting your data you simply need to enter a value in the Output Range where the cells below and to the right are blank. If your data occupies A1-D10 for instance with the rest of the worksheet blank, then specifying E1 as the output range would work fine and avoid overwriting data. Alternatively, if you leave the Output Range blank then statistiXL will place the results on a new sheet within your workbook.


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