StatistiXL now refuses to load

I am a permanent licensed/registered user of StatistiXL and I have just encountered a problem with StatistiXL refusing to load with Excel. Even with the security settings, changed to low (under Tools/Macro) I get a message which says:

StatistiXL Load Error
StatistiXL is unable to load

StatistiXL was working fine up to a moment ago, loading with Excel as it used to. Excel did crash and I believe it was from this point now that the StatistiXL will not load. Excel work ok, but it will not load StatistiXL, and when I try i get the above message. I have tried re-installing it to no avail, and would really appreciate if anyone out there knows what I can do. Thanks in advance for your time and any help.



  • Check that Excel has not, for its own reasons, disabled StatistiXL.

  • Hi Lance, thanks for your idea.

    I was able to get StatistiXL to load again going to: Tools/Add-Ins and simply selecting it - fortunately it was there as an option! So it seems to be working again now. When I first installed it it worked perfectly then Excel locked up with StatistiXL running and I believe this was the cause of the issue I experienced. So when just checking as above I was able to get it to run as normal again.

    Thanks again, Tony
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