Circular goodness of fit

While testing the trial version of statistiXL with the Circular Goodness of Fit Excel hangs. I used the following data:

92.9 1
69.3 1
95.7 1
92.7 1
96.8 1
95.7 1
84.6 1
104.9 1



  • I can confirm that this is a bug. The bug lies in the routine for calculating the P value for the Raleigh's Test. Under some circumstances, this routine can enter an endless loop causing the hanging you experience. We will release a fix for this with the next point release of statistiXL (hopefully to be released in the next month or 2). When the routing runs correctly (i.e. when it doesn't enter the loop) the P values output by statistiXL is correct (i.e. the P value isn't ever calculated incorrectly, it's just that statistiXL occasionally has trouble calculating it at all).

  • This is now fixed in statistiXL 1.7 beta which will be released publicly soon. If you want an early copy drop me an email.


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