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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a quicker way to access statistiXL than using the Ribbon?

26 September 2014

by Alan Roberts

In modern versions of Excel, access to the various features and modules provided by statistiXL is typically through a new tab added to the Excel Ribbon.

partial view of statistiXL's Ribbon Tab

Partial view of statistiXL’s tab in the Excel Ribbon

If you can find it inconvenient to have to access the Ribbon to select your tests then you can also add a statistiXL menu to the Quick Access Toolbar that the top of Excel.

statistiXL's Quick Access menu

  statistiXL’s Quick Access menu

To add statistiXL to the Quick Access Toolbar select More Commands… from the Toolbar’s drop-down menu.

Adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar

  Adding options to Excel’s Quick Access Toolbar

Next, in the dialog box that appears, select statistiXL Tab as the Choose Commands From: option, scroll down until you see the statistiXL Traditional Menu option and click the Add button. If you just want access a list of your most recently used tests rather than the full statistiXL menu you can choose the statistiXL Recently Used Tests option instead.

Adding statistiXL to the Quick Access Toolbar

Adding statistiXL to the Quick Access Toolbar

Finally click the OK button to confirm your addition.

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