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Why can’t I use keyboard shortcuts to select cell ranges in Excel?

15 August 2014

by Alan Roberts

Many users of Excel will be familiar with the use of shortcut key combinations to aid in the selection of ranges of cells. For example, holding down the SHIFT and CTRL keys and then pressing the DOWN arrow (with SHIFT and CTRL still pressed) will select all cells from the current cell down to the last nonblank cell in the same column of values. The other arrow keys work in a similar manner so that you can select all cells above, below, left or right of the current cell. Search for the term “shortcut” in the Excel Help File for more useful key combinations or visit our other FAQ, How can I quickly select cell ranges in Excel?.

Unfortunately, a bug crept in to some versions of Excel (Excel 2000 and later) that stopped this feature from working when selecting ranges from a custom form such as those used by statistiXL. If you are using Excel 2000 or later and you can’t use shortcut keys to select ranges then Microsoft Technical Article 291110 should fix the problem for you .

Go to Microsoft Technical Article 291110…

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